Willie Stewart

Willie Stewart


WOW!  It’s been over a year since Jackie died and since I posted here.  A lot has happened since then.  My debut novel taRNished has been in the top  1-2% of all kindle books, I have a short story and a children’s book out now, I did a phen0menal SKYPE event with the Gary Public Library, and just got signed on as the Health Care Columnist (yes editorial team) for the #1 digital magazine in the world (THE HYPE MAGAZINE).  Life is great and moving along nicely.  We have had my grandson for over two years now.  He is adjusting well.  There are so many other great things happening but I won’t clutter this post with them.  I will just end it with this……I’m BAAAAAAACK!!!


Going through a difficult time right now.  Very tiring.  My sister in law died suddenly on 6/9/13.  I looked up to them for the longevity they had in their marriage.  Just a few years ahead of me and my wife.  I guess that makes us the longest relationship in the family now.  I wonder if anyone looks up to us.  We do good.  I love her tremendously.  Wish I knew how to stop the hurt she is experiencing.


Hi, glad you made it to my personal blog.  I’ve done this for others for so long and now it’s pretty cool to have my own site.  I’m gonna be using this blog to just post random thoughts from the author type stuff.  Hope it’s engaging enough for you to come back and check on me every now and then.